Night Shift theme

Une expérience sombre, lisible et propre dans votre éditeur de code préféré
Visual Studio Code


This theme's main goal is to provide a dark, readable & clean experience into your favorite code editor.

There is also 7 variants included :

  • No bold
  • No italic
  • No italic & bold
  • Flat (no-borders)
  • Lite dark
  • Lite dark (no-borders)
  • Light color scheme

Visit Night Shift website for more info.

Created by Jean Tinland (just another seo backlinks).

You'll find an iTerm2 port of this theme here.


Base theme: .tsx preview

Flat (no-borders) variant: .tsx preview

Lite variant: .tsx preview

Lite (no-borders) variant: .tsx preview

Light variant: .tsx preview


Launch VS Code Quick Open (⌘+P), paste the following command, and press enter.

ext install jean.desaturated

Or install this theme from the extension panel : search for "desaturated theme".

You can find this theme in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.


ColorHex CodeUsed for
#98A8C5 Light blue#98A8C5Strings - Comments - Tag brackets
#E78482 Light red#E78482Tag attributes - Units
#8FC8BB Light green#8FC8BBStatic types - Provided values, functions, variables
#FFD484 Yellow#FFD484Names entities - Function names - Storage keywords - Regex - JSON property name
#6DB3CE Blue#6DB3CEEscape characters - Operators - Special operators
#AD82CB Magenta#AD82CBConstants - Pseudo CSS - Keywords
#FFF9EE White / yellow#FFF9EEInherited classes - CSS ID selectors - Variables names


As I work mainly with Javascript, Typescript, HTML/CSS & PHP, these are for now the only fully supported languages.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have some suggestions of improvements or language addition requests.


Ça m'intéresse !

A port of my vscode Night Shift (Desaturated) theme to iTerm2.



dark preview


light preview

Ça m'intéresse !
Google Chrome

This is a port of my Night Shift theme for Visual Studio Code. You'll find an iTerm2 color scheme here.




First, clone this repo.

$ git clone

Then go to chrome://extensions/ and toggle 'Developer mode'.
Click on 'Load unpacked' button and select the chrome-theme-desaturated directory.

Ça m'intéresse !