An Übersicht status bar widget for yabai on macos
Not charging
Low battery
Volume low
No volume
Awesome wifi
Sun, 23 Jun
Long date format
Sunday 23 June
12h time format
0:26 pm


simple-bar is splitted in 4 main widgets
Current process name
Always keep track of the focused window and its application name and title.
Spaces display
This widget goal is to display each one of your spaces and for each of them show you all opened apps. The currently focused space is highlited.

You can directy go to a specific space simply by clicking on it, no need to repeat five time the same gesture anymore!

Only with SIP disabled:
Create, move and destroy worspaces!
Global information
Stay updated with a selection of data widgets: current browser song, Spotify current track (with play/pause state), weather at your location, battery level, microphone & sound, wifi, date & time, keyboard input language.

Some of them are interactive: play/pause Spotify, mute/unmute microphone, toggle wifi on click.
Settings module
Playing with simple-bar settings, you can for example customize its layout or enable/disable individual global information widgets.

Try it out to discover every possibilities!

Start by opening an empty workspace. Click on the current process widget then press cmd + , to open settings.

Compatibility & requirements

Before installing simple-bar, you'll need to meet some prerequisites.
OS version
simple-bar has only been tested on several Intel & Apple Silicon based Macs and is working on Catalina, Big Sur & above.
Screen size
You'll need a screen with a size of 13" at least with your screen resolution scaled on "More space" setting.
simple-bar will work on smaller screens but you'll need to make a choice between the widgets you want to display.
In order to make simple-bar work, you'll need to install both yabai and Übersicht and keep it up to date. Follow the installation instruction on each link. Feel free to open an issue by clicking here if you need help during the process. simple-bar supports yabai from v3 to v6 (v6 is mandatory on Sonoma).


Follow the procedure below installing simple-bar
Clone the simple-bar repo to your Übersicht widgets directory with the following command.
$ git clone $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Übersicht/widgets/simple-bar
If Übersicht is launched, you should see the bar directly appearing on your screen!
The last thing you need to do is downloading JetBrains Mono font and install it. Otherwise, you can simply set another font in the settings module.