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> Association
> Developed for Association Huma.a
> From September 2017 to July 2022

This website was made for Huma.a, a group of DJs from Lyon.

Huma.a is governed by the 1901 law and is DV1’s legacy (the legendary club which closed down in 2016).

In order for Huma.a to be launched, it needed a showcase site. I decided to join this group and develop a simple one page website.

The first version of the website was out very quickly in order to get a good place in terms of referencing. It was developed with a Bootstrap template.

To optimise and lighten the website, I felt it was time to redesign it so I developed it once again, starting from scratch in Septembre 2018, without using any framework. The content loads very fast: only the necessary content loads when clicking on the website and the rest loads as the user scrolls down the page.

The following improvement consisted in developping a Back-Office for the artists and the members. The goal was to give independence to any member so they could change the content whenever they saw fit. All the artists can now edit their respective description (name, info, social network, etc.). They can also modify the description of the group, add events or add their mix. I put in place a system which allows me to manage who gets what rights on the back-office.

The latest improvement consists in adding a small online boutique so Huma.a can sell t-shirts online (via PayPal).