Sun 24 March 2024
Trail - LUT 14km
1758/3014 (scratch)
This was probably the last time we would run in a LUT as it is becoming really crowded: a word of advice, bring your folding chair, you'll have to wait up to 20 minutes to gain access to some stairs.

Otherwise we accompanied a friend for its first run, he was well pleased and blessed with sore legs at the end.
Sat 4 November 2023
Trail - LUT by Night 15km
1519/2149 (scratch)
A last minute decision so we took it easy with the short itinerary.

I was literally an oven: it rained until 5 minutes before the race so I was covered in way too many layers of clothing.

This time we got to the end soon enough to get our well-deserved food and drinks.
Sun 26 March 2023
Trail - LUT 25km
740/949 (scratch)
This one was quite tranquille, good atmosphere, just the right amount of stairs and again, the opportunity to enter atypical buildings.

We were ready thanks to a lot of uphill interval training.
Sat 5 November 2022
Trail - LUT by Night 26km
1028/1238 (scratch)
One advice, run with a good pair of trail running shoes! I had some scares on my slippery shoes.

For some reason someone decided that it would be a good idea to setup the finish line inside an old Roman amphitheatre (beautiful) with gigantic steps.

I could have had my free beer if I had run faster they said. Not nice.
Sun 2 October 2022
Marathon - Run in Lyon
1393/1910 (scratch)
I didn't thought I would be running a marathon just one year after starting running. With an intensive training we were quite ready for the run.

On the big day we were well launched until we hit the wall at kilometer 35.

I had to sit down a bit at the end, some told me I shouldn't had eaten all run long.
Sun 27 March 2022
Trail - LUT 14km
822/1565 (scratch)
My first official run, 14km in the urban hills of Lyon. An overall great experience with a finisher beer that was welcomed after all theses stairs.

I would recommend anyone to participate to this trail as it is a particular occasion to see some historical monuments from the inside: they are specially open for the occasion.