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Notepad 2

> Personal
> Developed for Jean Tinland
> From November 2018 to October 2020

Revamping of my notepad app.

I decided to rework my personal online notepad in November 2018 that I based on the previous one (made in March 2018). The goal was to lighten the whole project so I started from scratch.

The first step to make it lighter was to scan all the functionalities of the old version and keep only the ‘vital ones’. I decided to remove the online chat, the contact form, note sharing, some types of notes and other "gadgets".

I then abandoned some libraries such as jQuery, Material Design Lite and TinyMCE.

I decided to redo the design of the website from start to finish. I based on a darker theme (not just because it is better for the eyes but for many other reasons).

I also integrated QuillJS (lighter and independent from jQuery WYSIWYG text editor) replacing TinyMCE. I also added a small built-in library allowing the user to order his or her categories and notes with a simple slide and drop.

In order to finalise this project, I simply need to find notes to develop.

Once finished, I always have the idea to re-develop it with modern technologies such as React or add Custom Elements (which I used for my latest portfolio).