> Personal
> Developed for Jean Tinland
> From August 2017 to March 2018

Note taking web app.

This project is useful in many context: whether it is for personal use, professional use or study-related use. The idea is to have access to all of my ressources, no matter where I am.

I wanted to create a notepad, available on any navigator (desktop & smartphone).

At the begining it was a very simple app but I quickly developed it so it could answer all of my needs. Adding a 3rd type of note (complementing the existing two: simple text & code) was the biggest step forward. This 3rd type adds a WYSIWYG text editor enabling me to have a more structured and a richer document. I also added a new note sharing system joining the already existing one. I tested three graphic redesign before finding one I was satisfied with. The latest redesign includes a Material Design Lite library which adds a consequent number of animations and simple yet efficient styles to the interface.

The development of this app was an excellent exercise, allowing me to further develop my understanding of Javascript using jQuery & Ajax linked to PHP.

I consider developping again this concept with more modern technologies such as React and by adding a PHP API.