> Professional
> Developed for Agence WOOT
> Since December 2017

I made this website for the creative agency WOOT based in Lyon. This business was started by three freelancers.

This website is based on Wordpress & Divi and its goal is to promote the owners’ creations and achievements.

The owners wanted a website that was easy to edit so my design revolves around this objective. I had to answer their needs in terms of personalisation of their website (they had a graphic line in mind) while keeping the ease of the editing tools (provided by Divi).

I worked on integrating several custom-made elements that were not given by default with Divi (such as an automated carousel with the partners’ logos and a project gallery).

My mission went further as I had to integrate most of the basic content on the website. I prepared several project templates so they can have a basic shaping when they want to add a project to their website.

To finish my mission and make the website easy to use, I wrote a whole documentation on how to edit and add content to the website.